Friday, 1 June 2012

Super (Lazy) Pavlyuchenko Told He is Too Fat to Play For Russia in the Euros

Pav in "training" with Russia this week
During a dull 0-0 draw between Russia and Lithuania a few days ago, ex- Spur Pavlyuchenko played the second 45 minutes and had one volleyed shot go wildly off target.

After spending a month out injured with a thigh injury, Pav himself was surprised to even be selected for the squad and Russia's manager Dick Advocaat has been most unimpressed with his effort so far. He's told him he is too fat and that he has one week to lose 3kg if wants to re-join the squad for the Euros.

This for me sums up Pav and makes me glad we got rid of the lazy shyster. He's lazy beyond belief on the pitch and since leaving Spurs in January, he has only been selected to play in nine matches for Lokomotiv Moscow and has scored two goals. He gets injured and with the Euros coming up can't be bothered to stay fit because he doesn't think he'll get picked, gets fat, plays crap, and is told to lose weight.

Oh that crazy Russian.


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