Thursday, 6 September 2012

Pictorial Evidence of Chirpy's Descent into Evil

With the news that beloved Tottenham mascot Chirpy is about to get a makeover in time for our home game against QPR, I thought we'd take a look at that mad bird through the ages

When he was young, he was fresh faced, chubby chopped, happy Chirpy
Even when standing near his arch rival, he was still happy
Chubby Chopped Chirpy was loved by the ladies
But then, as he got older. He lost weight, dyed his hair and became evil
He got into fights...
He started throwing gang signs with the players
He broke Benny's arm for disrespecting him
He abducted children
Here he is wearing the black third kit
Here he is telling Redknapp to clear his desk and get the f*** out
His relationship with Sylvie van der Vaart, when discovered  by Rafa, left the Dutchman so frightened of the consequences, he had to leave the country...

What will Chirpy be like after his make over? Will his descent into madness and evil continue, or will he repent and become loveable once again? One things for sure, if he gets any worse, he will be the end of this club. They say no player or manager is bigger than the club, but nobody told Chirpy that...

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